What is Amatsu Therapy?

Amatsu is a modern adaptation of a soft tissue therapy that has been used in Japan for thousands of years. Essentially a physical therapy, Amatsu is based on the ancient principles of natural movement, supported by the most up-to-date modern research on anatomy, physiology, movement and biotensegrity.

Treatments (called balances) realign the body to address the root cause of your injury, musculoskeletal or lifestyle-related symptoms while supporting the restoration of general health and wellbeing. Restrictions are removed, which improves movement and allows the body’s physical structures (fascia, muscles, bones, ligaments, organs, cranium, etc.) to work efficiently by being able to move freely in their correct position, thereby creating a deeper level of integrated, whole body correction and balance.

Amatsu is very gentle and suitable for people of all ages – give it a try and reconnect with that spring in your step!

Amatsu Therapy is practiced at the Crane Clinic by Astrid Borgmann, a qualified and experienced Amatsu Orthopath (Master Practitioner)