PSYCH-K at The Crane Clinic

PSYCH-K® is a powerful modality for  self-transformation and growth. It can facilitate and support you in making lasting changes all areas of life such as:

  • Health and wellness
  • Work / Professional development
  • Self-empowerment / self-esteem
  • Finances
  • Confidently moving through periods of change 
  • Feeling and knowing you can make powerful decisions and follow through 
  • Greater sense of freedom and trust in self etc

Through the process of PSYCH-K® a facilitator guides you to discover ‘what you want instead’. It is so easy to know what we no longer want…

  • I don’t want to feel stuck
  • I don’t want this job anymore 
  • I don’t know what to 
  • I don’t want to feel unworthy anymore 
  • I don’t want to be single forever 
  • I don’t want keep feeling like it’s never going to change etc

While it is important to know what we don’t want, the magic happens when we consciously choose what we want instead and claim the beliefs that support that. 

So when you connect with what you truly want, we create a new belief statement and use PSYCH-K® to reprogramme your subconscious with that new belief. 

And then from here you begin to take action knowing that you have a powerful belief to move from. 

It is so easy to try to force ourselves into change and not move very far but when we choose to change from the inside first, to consciously reprogramme ourselves…this is where true and lasting change and transformation begins. 

And most importantly where we get to live a life that lights us up and that we are proud and excited for. 

The subconscious holds within it all of our programming, our limiting beliefs AND our growth beliefs and programmes. 

So many of us enter into the self-development world with the beliefs that we need to fix ourselves, to get rid of those limiting beliefs, and then once we do that….we get to have and be what and who we want to be. 

(Isn’t it interesting how we so often look at our programming as only negative and restrictive?!) 

PSYCH-K® is an energy psychology based modality and so we accept the concept that we cannot create change from the level of mind (energy) that created it, and this is why consciously choosing who we want to be and what beliefs we do want to know is our truth is such a powerful process for change. 

You hold within you everything you could ever need to live the life you love….and what PSYCH-K® allows you to do is focus on the expansive and creative beliefs that are already in your subconscious. 

They are just waiting to be ‘activated’. 

We do still look to the limiting beliefs, acknowledge them and begin their integration….because they are often the doorway into your Greatness and potential. 

As much as PSYCH-K® is an energy modality, it also centres itself in our ability to take action. It is through this that we create the new patterns that fully ‘activates’ the new beliefs and programmes discovered within you. 

As a facilitator of this, my work is to partner with you to facilitate you in becoming clear on your deeper truths of self and the world and to help you ensure you are taking the actions that embody these truths…..and also ‘clearing’ the reasons you are not, have not been taking the actions. 

If you would like to discuss if PSYCH-K® is a right fit for you at this time, book in your free 15 minute call with me.  I mostly work online with clients, but I will have some in-person appointments available here at the Crane Clinic.  (The process works equally well both online and in person).

Click here for more details on how PSYCH-K works and what is involved