Preparing for Sperm or Egg Freezing Program at The Crane Clinic

What the Program is about

The Preparing for Sperm or Egg Freezing Program has been specially developed for those individuals or couples embarking on their journey to preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs, freezing/banking sperm, or freezing embryos. The program combines acupuncture, laser therapy, herbs, and nutrition. 

The program has been designed by Aine Delaney, SRN after working with hundreds of fertility patients and witnessing the beneficial impact acupuncture and complementary therapies have on the outcome of egg retrieval and sperm banking. 

The Crane Clinic encourages a healthy body and mind in order to have the healthiest egg retrieval and sperm banking, and the best outcome for these procedures.  

Each program is customised to our patient’s needs and all clients are treated empathetically with professional and confidential care.

Our therapists can liaise with other health care providers and doctors if requested.

The program supports Egg Freezing by:

  • Optimising nutritional health for egg quality
  • Reducing stress hormones
  • Balancing reproductive hormones to help egg development 
  • Improving blood flow to the pelvic organs; the ovaries, uterus & endometrial lining
  • Reducing inflammation & improving gut microbiome
  • Regulating and monitoring the menstrual cycle & identifying fertility window
  • Optimising the environment for egg development  
  • Helping to support ovulation dysfunction (PCOS) 
  • Supporting clients emotionally 

The program supports Sperm Banking by: 

  • Improving sperm count, motility, morphology, and DNA fragmentation
  • Reducing stress hormones
  • Normalising hormone production and endocrine systems
  • Improving blood flow to the reproductive organs – testes

When should I start the program for Egg Freezing?

It is optimal to start treatment 3 months before egg retrieval. After the procedure we recommend recovery acupuncture weekly for 2 weeks.

However, if your procedure is less than 3 months we would still highly recommend treatment at the clinic as even a few acupuncture treatments before your procedure can be very beneficial. 

When should I start the program for Sperm Freezing/Banking?

As sperm takes approximately 90 days to develop, we recommend that men begin the program at least 3 months before trying to conceive/bank sperm.  

Is the program safe for cancer patients?  

Some patients undergo fertility preservation if diagnosed or undergoing cancer treatment. The program at the Crane Clinic is safe for those patients. Our therapists can liaise with other health care providers and doctors if requested.

Additional Resource

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    Pre-conception care consisting of Acupuncture, Nutritional & Lifestyle modification may be beneficial to help increase the success rate of IVF. Preconception planning, in this case, identifying and addressing underlying causes of fertility challenges, is ideally done at least 3 months before planned conception – (Crane Clinic Publication).

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