Chronic Pain Relief

The Crane Clinic offers many therapies to help relieve chronic pain, including elecro-acupuncture, cupping, pulsed magnetic therapy and two types of laser, omega and quantum laser. The clinic has also introduced Halo Biophotonic Light Therapy from the USA, which is proving very effective for all types of pain. This therapy uses the frequencies of powerful botanicals beamed through ultraviolet light transmitted to the body to help with pain, inflammation, and headaches.

Pain symptoms are often not reflected in X-ray, CT scan, or MRI results as there may not be any obvious abnormality despite the pain reported. The person may not feel believed or understood, which can be a lonely experience.

The Crane Clinic helps to pinpoint pain using the pulse response or vascular autonomic response as the body’s energy and pulse registers the area of pain. If the area is too sensitive to work on, laser therapy is used until the area becomes more tolerant as the therapies like acupuncture and laser move stasis in the tissue to promote blood flow, thus relieving pain.

The body registers trauma and entangled emotions associated with pain, and this can be energetically unravelled using laser therapy on certain ear acupuncture points while certain memories are evoked. This brings the nervous system from stress mode into para-sympathetic mode, starting the healing process.

To discuss the Chronic Pain Relief Program offered at the Crane Clinic, contact us to book an initial consultation.