Fertility & Pregnancy Programs at The Crane Clinic

We’re delighted to offer 5 different programs to support individuals and couples for every stage of their fertility journey, whether preserving their fertility, trying to conceive, are pregnant, or have just given birth.

The Crane Clinic has worked with hundreds of patients by treating them for fertility or pregnancy related health issues, or optimising their health to support their fertility or pregnancy goals.  In many cases, we work in conjunction with patients who are utilising western medicine (IVF, egg freezing, embryo freezing etc.) and use complementary and alternative therapies in the program to increase the success rates of the procedures.

Additional Resource

  • Acupuncture & Nutritional Therapy for Fertility Clinical Research
    Pre-conception care consisting of Acupuncture, Nutritional & Lifestyle modification may be beneficial to help increase the success rate of IVF. Preconception planning, in this case, identifying and addressing underlying causes of fertility challenges, is ideally done at least 3 months before planned conception – (Crane Clinic Publication).