Natural Pain Relief at the Crane Clinic

There is a Chinese saying, “Where there is pain, there is no blood flow, and where there is blood flow there is no pain”. Acupuncture has proven to be such an effective therapy for pain relief that is now used in many hospitals and pain clinics worldwide.

The team at the Crane Clinic, Galway, use acupuncture for all types of pain conditions. Acupuncture needles induce an electrical response that moves energy through the tissues and blood vessels, increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to the area of pain.

Through feeling the quality of the pulse at the wrist, they identify the source of the pain. For those whose X-rays or MRIs look normal, this can be an enormous relief as they now feel validated in their pain. Acupuncture, or electro-acupuncture — where electrodes are attached to the needles and stimulated with a mild electric current — is then used to provide pain relief.

The Crane Clinic uses unique and progressive therapies to further enhance pain relief — laser therapy, PEMF and Ondamed therapy. Patients also report immense benefits from the traditional art of cupping to relieve muscle pain and spasm, particularly for chronic back, shoulder and hip pain and also for fibromyalgia.

Both acupuncture and laser therapy address trauma and shock associated with an injury by modulating the body’s stress response and memories of the accident, further reducing the pain response.

Science recognises the relationship between gut health and painful inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, migraine, fibromyalgia and neuromuscular pain. The Crane Clinic’s nutritionist provides a thorough investigative consultation and an individual plan to reduce inflammation.

For more details contact Áine Delaney, SRN, at the Crane Clinic, Galway, phone 091 525870 or 087 7965070.