Iris Sollie


Iris Sollie – Acupuncturist

Iris Sollie graduated with a BA (Hons) in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Australian Colleges of Acupuncture in affiliation with the Sydney University of Technology. As a part of the four year degree course, Iris completed a clinical internship program with the Guangzhou Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.


Iris is originally from Norway, but she has lived and worked in many countries over the last 25 years. Her clinics have always drawn a large Women’s Health clientele, and over the years it has emerged that she has a special ability to turn breech babies even late in the pregnancy. Iris has always had a strong interest in Energy Medicine and Energy Healing and this is something she offers alongside her Acupuncture treatments, if desired. Iris also uses Herbal Medicines and Crystal Healing work to enhance her treatments. Iris is passionate about being of service and you can see her for all kinds of complaints along with Women’s Health.


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