Christian – Google Review

I badly injured three fingers in my left hand, including a dislocation of my index finger, following a bicycle accident last August. Once the splint was removed, I began physiotherapy. I had a lot of pain and stiffness and couldn’t close my fingers into a fist. However, after months of physio I began to despair that my fingers could ever heal. Progress was slow to the point of non-existent. Following an MRI, my GP referred me to an orthopedic surgeon / hand specialist, who simply told me to continue with physio. I did as instructed, but it seemed utterly futile and I started to wonder if I should accept my situation and grieve my loss. My sister then suggested I try acupuncture. Within two sessions, Aine achieved more in a week than months of physio had managed. My injured fingers are much looser and it isn’t nearly as painful as it had been to use them to remove a sock. I can almost close the fingers into a fist. I found Aine caring, professional and highly skilled in the practice of various kinds of acupuncture. She also invited me to return after the first paid session to have a free session of laser therapy in which I would operate the machine myself, but she generously supplemented this with additional acupuncture. She has given me renewed hope that my fingers can heal again. She is a wonderful healer who practices an ancient, proven and wise form of medicine – and one that works. Thank you.