Acupuncture – Effective Therapy for Pain Relief

Acupuncture, which originated in China, is proven to be a very effective therapy for pain relief and is now used in many progressive hospitals in the USA, UK, Israel,and Australia.

Specialised pain clinics also includeacupuncture as part of their medical treatment protocol. Acupuncture needles used along the area of paininduce an electrical response and promote energyflow to the area of pain, moving stagnant blood and promoting oxygen flow to the tissue to alleviate pain.

It also down-regulates the pain signals going to the brain. Practitioners at the Crane Clinic identify areas of pain by connecting with the pulses as they scan the body. Identifying the area of pain validates the patient’s concern as often X-rays and MRIs do not indicate any abnormality. This can be an enormous relief for the person as they feel validated about the pain they are experiencing. Unique and progressive therapies along with acupuncture are used to achieve relief of pain such as laser therapy, PEMF, and Ondamed therapy.

Crane Clinic also uses electro-acupuncture where electrodes are attached to the needles and stimulated with an electric current, resulting in pain relief. Patients report immense benefits from the traditional art of cupping to relieve muscle pain and spasm, chronic back pain, shoulder, hip pain, and fibromyalgia.

Both acupuncture and laser therapy address trauma and shock associated with an injury or event by modulating the body’s stress response and memories of the accident. Addressing any traumatic memories associated with an injury helps reduce the pain response.

Science now indicates the relationship betweeninflammation, gut health, and painful inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, migraine, fibromyalgia, andneuromuscular pain.

The clinic’s nutritionist addresses this through a thorough investigative consultation and individual plan to reduce inflammation.For more information contact Áine Delaney, SRN, at the Crane Clinic – Telephone (091) 525870 or (087) 7965070 or email